Top 5 Transcendental Meditation Books for Beginners to advance

Transcendental meditation practice is one of the popular practice among those who have an interest in seeking mental peace.

 There are many books which are claiming to be a quick guide to transcendental meditation. But these so-called guides you can get in the offline market or with the name of online transcendental meditation course or best books on transcendental meditation but most of these books and courses are worthless to get and invest your time and money in it.

I am saying this because I have experienced this thing and lose a lot of money in my madness to find the Best TM Book to learn the art of meditation fast but I was totally wrong which I realized after losing my money by buying uncomplete guides and in some books writer could not get able to explain it in a proper steps which makes me more frustrated about these all so-called beginner transcendental meditation guide.

So, if you want to save your money and precious time so do get a book of an author who has spent years in learning TM practice because they get expert in their meditation practice and get enough information to explain others in easy words.

In this article, I will discuss some of the skilled authors books who actually spend their life long period in rehearsing TM meditation and observe its benefits deeply.

List of Transcendental Meditation Books;

1. Science of Being and Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh yogi transcendental meditation bookAuthor Short Biography:

Mahesh Yogi is a founder of Transcendental meditation practice and is an Indian native. After introducing TM, Mahesh also leads this practice worldwide and start getting recognized as a guru and a leader for his invention.

Mahesh starts spreading TM worldwide so more people can get benefit from his findings about understanding brain process and can utilize meditating power to change their action for there betterment and world.

For spreading his meditation, Mahesh trained more than 40,000 teachers and taught Transcendental to more than five million people, open thousands of teaching centers and hundreds of colleges.

Guru Mahesh travels worldwide teaching his meditation technique and after getting positive result Mahesh students suggest him to write a book so his tips for transcendental meditation can get saved in a form of papers and in his own words.

In 1963 Mahesh completed his first book Science of Being and Art of Living this book got a huge positive response from readers and more than 1.1 million copies get sold in the US alone.

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About Book Topics:

This book provides a true understanding of Transcendental meditation either you’re a beginner or doing it for a long time this book can be utilized as a guide with some of the great insights of meditation.

The book contains many topics but some of the main practice you can expect to learn from the book is what we’re doing in meditation is doing is right or wrong, the book not only instructs you to follow the rules but also explain what actually that particular step is for and how that step works for the betterment of practitioner life. The author has given the introduction and explained mantras use for transcendental meditation.
Maharishi outlines his philosophy for living a productive and fulfilling life based on the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique in the book and it will be a great source of information for those who are finding the best book on meditation and want to understand the fundamental nature of the TM practice and how it can benefit them.

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2. Transcendence by Norman E Rosenthal MD.

TM book for beginners
 Author Short Biography:

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School and has maintained a private practice in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for more than thirty years. He conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health, as a research fellow and provide his services as a senior researcher for more than twenty years.

In the 1980s he was first one to described winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and was first one to apply light therapy for his treatment.

He studied mood, sleep, and biological rhythm for 20 years as a private practitioner at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Know more about Norman R Rosenthal MD.

About Book Topics:

In This Book Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation you will know the basic idea behind the transcendental meditation and how it can be utilized for getting more positive changes in life and book is also a great informational source for those who already know about meditation but are confused to apply that knowledge in a proper way to get results.

The author has explained greatly how much time you required for transcendental meditation for observing proper changes in mental condition and what mantras you should use, or nonverbal sound, to attain a profound state of aware relaxation.

Book provides you answer with the help of scientific studies and case studies conducted previously. The author also writes about the benefits which practitioner get through practicing this meditation.

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3. The journey of Enlightenment by Ann Purcell:

Enlightenment journey through meditation

Author Short Biography:

Anna Purcell is teaching Transcendental meditation since 1973. She has worked on curricula and course development for university and continuing education programs. she has completed his education in B.SCI (Bachelor of the science of creative intelligence) and an MBA degree from Maharishi European Research University, Seelisberg, Switzerland.

She also an author of Tender flower of Heaven, a collection of 120 poems and also writes for the Huffington Post.

About Book Topics:

In this book The Journey of Enlightenment, you will know the new way to see and understand your life in a positive way. Anna explains Transcendental meditation by giving simple explanations and by providing other famous practitioners life experiences in this book so the reader can get to learn Transcendental meditation In a better way.

You will get to know how you can deal with daily life difficulties with a positive mind and control over your negative thoughts.

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4. ZenStarter Pack; know the Art to Master the Transcendental Meditation.

Author Short Biography:

Book is written by the emerging author Gregory F. He has been working with some of the famous authors for years and after many years of work he decided to self-publish his first book on the topic of meditation but a book doesn’t seem to be written by a beginner and that is the reason I add into my list, you can expect some great insights from this informational source.

About Book Topics:

The book Zen starter pack contain different topics related to self-improvement and living a life full of joy. In this book author has discuss various aspects of life that how can a person understand his mental condition in a way that he could make a decision which would benefit him in the present and future.

Book will teach you that meditation is not only the name of practice to sit and try to focus on the single object insight the brain but it is the practice to get control over different task happening in your life. After reading this book you will have a new vision to see your life in a positive and in sequence.

Gregory tried to make you master the art of making your thoughts work according to your own wish that means that daily a person receives many new ideas in his mind but he could not get able to take actions on it but getting command over the brain through meditation will make you utilize  your ideas into the daily practical tasks.

For getting more conformation that book will really help you so do check the Amazon comment section where buyers have written down their experience after reading the Zen starter pack. I am sure it will clear your doubts regarding a book.

5. The Transcendental Meditation TM Book: How to enjoy the rest of your life.

Author Short Biography:

The book is written by one of the experience author name Denise Denniston. She becomes a transcendental meditation teacher in 1973 and taught TM to various places like in Omaha, New York   City, California, Los Angeles and Nebraska.

Denise holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of education from the University of California at Berkeley and also a faculty member at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield. She also serves as a dean of the college of the science of Creative intelligence.

Denise contains years of experience in the field of meditation by working with the founder of the transcendental meditation Maharishi.

About Book Topics:

A book is based on amuse and enlighten cartoons which enhance the interest of the reader and is written in a pattern of question and answering so the reader could get a straight answer to their questions and Denise has almost covered all the questions which may come to the beginners mind.

The author has mostly focused on improving the current mental condition to the better state and enlightening the practitioner to get a better understanding of his brain. Readers can expect to know the amazing benefits of practicing meditation on a daily basis through this book but this book doesn’t make you a master of transcendental meditation for becoming a master you may need to concerned professional help.

Book will be helpful to get an overview of TM practice and to get deep knowledge about its benefits towards changing your life.

Here is a short video on the Benefits of Transcend Meditation have a look, it worth watching.

The Power of Meditation;

The actual power of meditation is that it gives the powers to the practitioners to change their life. Natural practice meditation is a life-changing habit which comes along with many great benefits and some are written below.

  •         Meditation converts negative mentality to positive thinking so a person can utilize positive thoughts to change himself and that result in a good society.
  •         Give you strength to bear pressure and difficulty so you can get able to take decisions which are in your favor instead your against.
  •          Daily a meditation session will increase the concentration and creativity skills because you get to understand your brain that how it is working and which thoughts you should keep in mind.
  •          Remove the burden of negative thoughts and you get to enjoy your life fully without getting thinking heavy in your mind that what people will say or are thinking about you.
  •          Practicing any type of meditation helps to increase compassion on yourself and of your love ones or general people around you which is great because of this that a person will also get someone to tell his problem and could decrease the burden of worries by sharing.
  •          Focusing on your thinking would help you to come out of the box of your thoughts and from the extra self-consciousness which stops you to try new tasks and stop you to meet with others. Basically, it will break a circle in which you are and make you more social and risk taker which is good to grow yourself in the professional field.  

Where to Start With Meditation?

Getting start to practice meditation does not have many rules you just need know which meditation type would be best for you, there are differently design meditations which use to work separately to improve human life processes, for example, transcendental meditation is one of the famous type and commonly known which work for improving mental health and person consciousness power.

Same like above-told type there are different types of meditations to practice you just need to have a proper place which should be quiet and no disturbance should be there because this practice needs focus and any type of interference of noise can wonder your mind from focusing.

You must be thinking that which type of environment you needed to get started to practice so as I told you in the above paragraph that silence is needed in most of the meditation practices but there are some meditation practices in which you just need to observe things and the sounds which will help to increase consciousness of a person. Don’t think it is that simple it also has some rules to follow that you can get in this article. 


learning Any type of meditation is a wise decision in this difficult era full of struggles and tensions, many people do not focus on their mental conditions which is one of the alarming warning to them that they can get in serious mental complications in future if they don't take any steps to make it better.

In my personal opinion and also proven by various researches that meditating can help humans to cure the worst mental and body condition but may due to lack of awareness regarding meditation or lack of interest peoples usually don't give proper attention towards this great natural practice.

One of the best Quote:

"Meditation is not to escape from society but to come back to ourselves and see what is going on. Once there is seeing, there must be acting. With mindfulness, we know what to do and what not to do to help.”