Four Types of Meditation with Detail Benefits

Why meditation is important to me?

 In the present era which is the busy and fast working era, everyone wishes to be super active physically and mentally but many of them couldn't find the right direction to follow to stay healthy.

Meditation is one of the natural exercises to stay mentally and physically active, practicing meditation different forms can make you aware of your brain functioning process and which will lead you to the many benefits in daily life routine.

For enhancing your mental health, you have two top best natural options; a good diet and physical activity these both will show a remarkable improvement in concentrating and in staying physically active. But if you want incredible change in your mindfulness so practicing any form of meditation will be the best option.

Meditation offer relaxation and heightened awareness in today stressful world where our senses are often dulled due to daily work and tensions.

Researches tell us that meditation has the potential for more than just temporary stress relief; meditating daily provide you with the ability of decision making and positive thinking in a difficult situation as well.

 It Keeps your mind active during any task and there are numerous mental health benefits of meditation. Having a good memory can provide you many advantages in today world because mostly those people get successful who have sharp memory to remember their goals and a healthy mind to think beyond everyone thoughts.

Although there is no right or wrong types of meditation practice. Each form of meditation has its own benefit and rules to achieve different spiritual benefits. Knowing the basic rules of meditation is important to get started.

Meditation is for whom?

Meditation is for everyone, it’s not specific for any type of folks but it can help some peoples more, like who are facing these types of problems in life:

  • It can help people who are suffering from frustration in life.

  • Short memory issues can be resolved by practicing meditation.

  • Concentration or fatigue problem can get resolve and you will feel more physically active and mentally.

  • Meditating can be helpful for Short temper peoples because it will create a capability in them self to control them selfs instead of losing their temper.

  • Being resentment with anyone without any issue can get solve by practicing.

There are many types of meditation practices introduced by the ancients Buddhist monks but in this article, we will be focusing on some of the easy to practices meditation for you.

spiritual Benefits of meditation

Types of Meditation:

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Zen meditation
  • Breathe awareness meditation.
  • Transcendental Meditation

Mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness meditation help practitioners to stay mentally present and aware in the existing moment rather than dwelling in the past or dreading the future.

Another benefit of mindfulness meditation is that you can practice this meditation anywhere. Maybe you know some meditating practices are good to practice in a silent and peaceful environment but in this case, you get an advantage of doing it at any place.

For example, you can do this while waiting in the line at a grocery store or waiting in the railway station and you can also meditate at your workplace.

How mindfulness meditation can be performed?

For performing mindfulness meditation you need to notice the existing environment around you or you can focus on one specific sound of anything in surrounding for example sound can be of birds singing in a park or of rain, music tone or you can establish your focus on the view or smell around you.

It can be any object around you. The main object of this type of meditation is to be aware of your surroundings. Your mind will get wander by different thoughts in the start but it's normal at the beginning of meditating journey just bring your concentration back to the object and start refocusing.

The main purpose of this meditation is to stay present at the existing moment mentally as well not only physically. Observe what is happening in your surrounding rather than staying in your own thoughts about what your wife will cook today or where you will take your girlfriend on a date! Just focus in present moments and try to enjoy ;)

Here is a video of a monk while explaining mindfulness in Detail. "That meditation is not a switch in your mind which can stop thoughts from coming": 

And, IF you don’t find any sound to concentrate no problem then start focusing on your breathing flow while inhaling and exhaling.

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Benefits found in research about Mindfulness meditation:

  • Improve focus.
  • Improve memory.
  • Lessen impulsive, emotional reactions.
  • Improve relationship satisfaction.
  • Reduce fixation on negative emotions and help you to stay positive.

Zen Meditation:

how to do meditation?

Zen meditation is a part of a famous Buddhist practice. Zen meditation also called with the name of “ZAZEN”. Mostly this practice is studied under the supervision of any professional because this kind of meditation involves some specific steps and posture which can only be instructed by an expert trainer. Here in this article, we will guide you all about posture and basic of zen so you can get an idea that what actually do you have to do in this meditation ( It will be good to practice it under supervision of an expert teacher).

ZEN meditation was famously described by the great Buddhist master Bodhidharma as “A special transmission outside the teaching and this meditation is not established upon words or letters”.

This type of meditation is directly pointing to the human mind, heart, and help in understanding you your nature and inner self in a better way.

How TO Practice Zen Meditation?

For practicing Zen meditation, you need a peaceful place and a comfortable position after finalizing these two things than focus on your breathing rhythm or sensation and try to strengthen your focus without judging thoughts in your mind, just focus on the breath.

This meditation is similar to mindfulness meditation but this requires more silent and discipline in a practitioner and place as well.

 Mindfulness and Zen meditation difference is that in the mindfulness meditation you need to observe your surrounding to stay mentally conscious and in Zen meditation, you have to focus on your breath to build strong focus

You need to practice more to get an expert in it. This meditation can be referred to the people who are seeking a new spiritual path or relaxation in their lives.

Benefits of Zen meditation:

Zen type of meditation improves your concentration level and help you to expel unwanted thoughts.

People meditate to improve their focus and to know how their brain operates and how can they control their thinking process to get positive changes in life but Zen meditation delves much deeper and tackles deep-rooted issues.

 For getting stronger focus in ZEN type of meditation you need to practice more rather than only studying it.

Benefits of ZEN type are that it provides insight that how the mind works. As with other forms of Buddhist meditation, ZEN practice can benefit people in great ways, for example, this meditation provides tools which help the practitioner to cope with depression and anxiety issues and guide a practitioner towards a spiritual peace.

With this form of practice, you can uncover the innate clarity and workability of the mind.  ZEN makes you experience the original natural powers of the brain.

Transcendental Meditation:

Transcendental meditation type practice is where people remain seated in a silent place and breathe slowly. The main goal is to transcend or rise above the person’s current state of mind and achieve Free State of mind.

This meditation technique is also called TM which is the form of silent mantra meditation, developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This meditating practice involves the use of mantras to focus on one particular phrase or word which make you feel comfortable.

This meditating technique is one of the most widely practiced, and also the most widely researched technique.

 Transcendental meditation was also practiced in the schools, universities, and prison programs to make prisoners better human being and in many big corporations in the USA, Latin America and in Europe countries, big companies also use to give classes to their employees to enhance their creativity in work.

How to Do Transcendental Meditation:

Below are easy steps for you to perform Transcendental meditation:

  • For performing meditation you need a silent place where you can feel relax with eyes closed or open.
  • 20 minutes needed to focus on the mantras which you will choose accordingly explained in the article here. Mantras can be of any word or phrase. The work of mantras is to make you feel relax and energetic.
  •  Repeat mantra slowly because speaking it aloud, apparently defeats the purpose of focusing.
  • While focusing and repeating mantras different bubbles of thoughts will pop up in your mind, but the actual purpose of practicing this meditation technique is to stay focus on your mantras and avoid other thoughts.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation:

  • Work great for improving memory and helpful in improving brain functions.
  • Help to get rid of stress and anxiety for a good time.
  • Provides mind clarity and ability to make decisions quickly with mind spiritually present.
  • Improve sense of calmness throughout the day.
  • Help to get good and deep sleep.
  • Prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Breathe Awareness Meditation:

Breathe awareness meditation is about focusing on your breathing rhythm while inhaling and exhaling to make your focus strong to one task.

Check out small clip but informative by Buddhist Monk sharing his Secret of Meditation:

How to Do Breathe Awareness Meditation:

·         Find a comfortable place to sit and it’s suggested to sit straight, to avoid falling asleep.
·         It’s up to you to keep your eyes open or close.
·         Keep your gaze down words and do not glance around the room or where you are sitting because doing this will wander your concentration.
·         Begin with breathing slowly in and out through your nostrils, and while exhaling allow your body to relax and shoulder to come down and release them. Follow this pattern for a few breathes.
·         Remember one thing while focusing on your breathing your concentration will get wander with different thoughts but don’t focus on that and don’t eliminate thinking about breathing, just bring back your focus to breathing again if it gets to wander sometime.
·         Try to keep your focus on breathing for 5 mints in a start and after that, you can increase the time up 40 minutes gradually with strengthing focus.
·         After paying attention to the time you choose. Open your eyes and take a moment to notice sounds in the surrounded environment.
·         Now notice your relax body and the stillness of thoughts in the brain.

The main purpose of focusing on the breath is to get disconnected from every thought which comes in the mind while focusing and getting aware of your breathing pattern. This meditation helps to Train your mind to focus on the task which you are currently doing instead of jumping to another thoughts.

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Benefits of Breathe Awareness Meditation:

  • This type of meditation increase patience in you.
  • Breathe awareness meditating increase your focus to the single task and teach how to get back to the track, after getting distracted.
  • Teach you to sit still for a prolonged period of time. Which only a few peoples practice because it’s difficult to sit on the hard surface but sitting on the ground improves your body alignment.
  • Reducing input into your mind by closing your eyes, sitting still and just focusing on one thought which provides more clarity in thoughts.
  • You get more aware of your thoughts pattern and you get to know on which thought your mind thinks more and get worried most. This will help you to break the unhelpful pattern of emphasizing on thought.
  • Gives you the ability to self-control because of not reacting to unwanted thoughts, feelings, and impulses instantly. By doing this you will develop the ability to self-response the thoughts you wanted to.


In this article, we have written about different types of meditation, which can help you to become a positive person and to get rid of the bad thinking process.

Meditation is a great source for achieving any goal in life because it helps you to control your mind and improves the functionality of your brain work to with creativity and concentration. These two qualities are must get success in any field of life either professional or personal.

In today time there are many types of meditating practices are conducted overall world. Each group of folks performs their own any sort of practice for making their brain active and sharp but which we cover above is famous and oldest successful methods.

 Above Four Types of meditation have been practiced from years and peoples have received amazing benefits and success in life.

I will recommend you to try each and every method for 1 week period each and experience the benefit of meditation and then finalize which meditation exercise you want to practice on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading!