4 Best Meditation courses for beginner review

Meditation is a Natural constructive practice for improving human brain power to another level but a requirement to achieve benefits from this practice is that you need to learn it from some Professional teacher or by choosing some good meditation courses online.

You have the option to learn various types of meditation through courses or by reading some free famous articles like “Meditation effects on the brain” to know basic meditation techniques.

In this article, I will discuss four courses which are best in my opinion for beginners to start their meditation journey and some key benefits of them.

I will give you my honest opinion on these courses and next is up to you to decide whether to get them or not.

Let’s Begin;

1.     Insight Meditation: Step by step course

 Author Brief Intro:   The book is written by two authors name Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein.

Let’s first look at Sharon background in the field of meditation she is meditating since 1971 and giving his services worldwide since 1974, she has experienced over 25 years and teaches intensive awareness practice (vipassana or insight meditation) and she is also a co-founder of insight meditation society.

Joseph Goldstein starts studying and practicing different types of meditation since 1967, started leading insight and loving-kindness meditation since 1974. He is also a co-founder of insight meditation society.

What you will get in a course; In this course, you will get to know from beginner to advance Buddhist teaching and also get six tracks divided into two CD’s with the duration of  20 minutes and tracks will provide several meditation practices in it.

The track in CD is design to guide you and bring back your focus to focal point when mind get to wander and the book is designed to provide you information of track or meditation you’re practicing.

In last it’s a pack of two CDs with six tracks and an informational book.

2.     How to Meditate? for People Who Hate to Sit Still

Author Brief Intro: Book is written by Ntathu Allen who works for woman’s to make their busy life simple and free from anxiety and negativity.

 She also offers simple yoga exercises and breathing meditation technique to make it easy for the practitioner to practice either at home or at the office.

Ntathu starts learning meditation after facing tragedy, the death of his close cousin in 1995 and then the death of her brother in 1997 after losing two important family members she was unable to stay positive, calm and was stressed out.

During this period Ntathu found meditation and yoga cure for her situation. SO, following her heart in 2003, she decided to travel to India to get training as a Sivananda yoga teacher.

Upon return to her home in London, Ntathu sees a new positive spark in her life and after that, she decided to give resign from her current job.

And spend her life teaching meditation to women like her and help them to tackle negative situation and train them to use meditation as a tool to spend life in a positive way.

What you will get in a Book; The Book is written in a pattern so people can achieve meditation full benefits either those who tried it before but couldn’t succeed or those who want to learn new techniques in their meditating practice.

In this book you will get to know;

·         How to stop mind wandering during meditation.
·         How to sit and focus on the focal point of your concentration to achieve benefits.
·         Correct posture for meditation.
·         Ways to make meditation interesting instead of thinking it boring practice.
·         How to get your previous teenager time energy and joy in life back.
·         Book will teach you to stay productive during a hard time and ways to handle negativity in any shape.
·         How to stay happy at the moments when things are not in your favor.
·         Meditation tips to train the mind to think beyond other thinking.

Above written benefits, you can expect from this book and many more like breathing awareness meditation practice with steps and book come with a free guide to give you an easy and proper understanding of steps which may become difficult during the start of meditating journey.

In the book, the author has also given her example of getting benefits from starting meditating and cover different scenarios for meditation including walking, eating, knitting and being in nature.

       Author Brief Intro: Book is written by American writer Joseph Goldstein and he leads different types of meditation worldwide since 1974 two are his expertise, insight, and love kindness meditation.

Joseph is also a co-founder of the barre center for Buddhist studies and insight meditation society. He has studied and practice different types of meditation practices under a professional teacher in India, Tibet, and Burma.

The mission of Joseph is to bring positivity in the world by giving people awareness about this natural practice to enhance their mental powers for achieving their goals. 

What you will get in a Book; In this book, you will get information and guidance to enrich your ability to recognize your inner skillful and unskillful state of mind and thoughts. This is written in a pattern to make a person reach his full mindfulness for the present moment.

You will get answer of almost every question which usually comes in beginner mind like what should be your sitting posture before starting to meditate, what are the techniques you can use to avoid mind wandering, what will be the best time in starting of your meditating journey and how can you gradually increase time of your practice without getting bore and achieving full benefits by practicing it daily.

The book is a great source for thought-provoking and Goldstein took help of different resources to explain his concept in a good way and also use his sutta talks to give a clear understanding.

4. A Professional Training Course for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice; 

Author Brief Intro: Book is written by Tara brach an American psychologist and proponent of Buddhist meditation. Tara is practicing and teaching meditation since 1975.

She is a founder and teacher of  Insight Meditation in Washington D.C.

Tara wrote a book for healing trauma and was published with the name of Radical Acceptance: Embracing your life with the heart of a Buddha and she wrote many other books to help humans to find peace inside them and become a better person.

What you get in a Course: The main purpose of this course is to help the practitioner to uncover the hidden benefits of meditation and train them to deal with a gamut of different emotions in their daily life.

  Tara explains the process to face emotions and problems without getting panic. The process she uses is called R.A.I.N technique, a four-part process which will help you to investigate and unblock problems which are causing you to achieve mental peace.

In the process, she tells about meditation to achieve mindfulness and also give examples of modern therapeutic to resolve emotions issue.

Transcendental Meditation Books for Beginners to advance

Transcendental meditation type is one of the popular meditation among all group of ages because of its benefits. There are many books are available who claim them self best guider for TM but in actual, there are few authors who really know this meditation deeply.

In this article, I will discuss some of the famous authors who actually spend their life long part in applying TM meditation and observe its benefits.

List of Transcendental Meditation Book;

1. Science of Being and Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh yogi transcendental meditation bookAuthor Short Biography:

Mahesh Yogi is a finder of Transcendental meditation practice and was from India. After introducing TM Mahesh also lead this meditation worldwide and start recognizing as guru and a leader.

Mahesh starts spreading TM worldwide so more people can get benefits and get able to change their life’s for knowing life in a better and positive way.

For spreading this type of meditation Mahesh trained more than 40,000 TM teachers and taught to more than five million people and open thousands of teaching centers and hundreds of colleges.

After traveling worldwide and teaching his meditation technique Mahesh student suggests him to write a transcendental meditation book so his experience and expertise can get save in his own words and people can take more benefits through that.

In 1963 Mahesh completed his first book Science of Being and Art of Living this book got a huge positive response from readers and more than 1.1 million copies get sold in the US alone.

Know more about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

About Book Topics:

This book provides a true understanding of Transcendental meditation either you’re a beginner in the field or doing it for a long time this become can provide you with some of the great insights of this meditation.

The book covers many topics but some of the main things you can expect to learn by reading, what we’re doing in meditation and how it works for the betterment in practitioner life.

Maharishi outlines his philosophy for living a productive and fulfilling life based on the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique and it will be a great source of information for those who want to understand the fundamental nature of the TM practice and how it can benefit anyone.

Know more about Book by Clicking Here.

2. Transcendence by Norman E Rosenthal MD.

TM book for beginners
 Author Short Biography:

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School and has maintained a private practice in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for more than thirty years. He conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health, as a research fellow, researcher and senior researcher for more than twenty years.

In the 1980s he was first one to described winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and was first one to apply light therapy for his treatment.

He studied mood, sleep, and biological rhythm for 20 years as a private practitioner at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

About Book Topics:

In Book, you will know the basic idea behind the transcendental meditation and how it can be learned for more positive results in daily life, the book is also a great informational source for those who already know about meditation but are still confused to apply this or are unable to get results.

The author gives his best to clear the timing you required for transcendental meditation and mantras you should use, or nonverbal sound, to attain a profound state of aware relaxation.

This book provides you answer with scientific studies and case studies about people who improve their mental and physical health after practicing transcendental meditation.

Know more Detail about the book by clicking here.

3. The journey of Enlightenment by Ann Purcell:

Author Short Biography:

Enlightenment journey through meditation  
Anna Purcell is teaching Transcendental meditation since 1973. She has worked on curricula and course development for university and continuing education programs.

Anna has completed his education in B.SCI (Bachelor of the science of creative intelligence) and an MBA degree from Maharishi European Research University, Seelisberg, Switzerland.

You May Like:

She is an author of Tender flower of Heaven, a collection of 120 poems and also writes for the Huffington Post.

About Book Topics:

In this book, you will know the new view to see or understand your life in a better and positive way. Anna explains Transcendental meditation by giving simple explanations and other famous practitioners life experiences in this book so reader can get to know Transcendental meditation In a better way.

You will get to know how you can deal with daily life difficulties with a positive mind and control over your negative thoughts.

Know more Detail about the book by Clicking Here.

Best Books on Zen Meditation Review

For doing anything everyone should know that task from there basics and for practicing any meditation in a good way you should know them properly. In this article, we will recommend the best Zen books for beginners so they can get an introduction to Zen Buddhism in detail to advance level.

There are several books from different authors about Zen meditation but we will be listing down some of the famous and of finest author’s books so you can get detail understanding and full Zen meditation benefits.


Let’s begin with a list of top Zen Books;


1. Zen keys by Thick Nhat Hanh.

thich nhat hanh zen keys review

Author short Biography:

This book is written by Thick Nhat Hanh, a famous author, and expert teacher in the field of Zen. He enters the monastery at age of 16 at nearby Tu Hieu Temple in Vietnam and his instructor was master Quy Chan That.

Nhat Hanh wrote more than 100 books to give a clear explanation of the central elements of the Zen practice and philosophy and more than 70 are in English.

In 1961 Hanh went to the US where he teaches comparative religion at Princeton University. While staying in the US he had gained fluency in French, Chinese, English and many more languages which help him in the future to spread his teaching to different countries.

Hanh spends his life teaching Buddhist psychology and working for peace and mindfulness in this modern world through meditation practice. The example Hanh set in his life as a relentless advocate for peace brings strength and a realistic understanding of idealistic Buddhist goals.

About book topics:

The book Zen keys contain 198 pages and this book author writes about his life experience in the field of Zen Buddhism and teaching so it practicing this type of mediation can become easy for the beginners.

Thick Nhat do beginning of the book with a discussing about daily life in a Zen monastery in Vietnam. The book provides clear explanations of the central elements of Zen practice and philosophy.

Main attention in this book is given on making beginner meditating practice easy by providing methods and benefits about awareness and impermanence, and ways to solve issues such as a conflict between modern technology and spirituality.

Book final section also includes a set of 43 koans from the 13th century Vietnamese master; Tran Thai tong and translated in English for the first time. The author also writes about the philosophy which helps to enable the state of mindful of peace in every moment of life.

My Opinion on Book:

As a student who loves to study different religions and their practices, I found this book helpful because Thick Hanh is a great writer and write many good books like Peace is Every Step, The miracle of meditation and the heart of the Buddha’s teaching.

These were some books which I have read and love the way Hanh write and able to invigorate other presentations which may seem like empty abstract principle.

One thing I love most in this book is 43 koans which are translated into English after many years are a true piece of art. This book is best for those who want to read quality information about Buddhism and want to have guided Zen meditation detail in one place.

Hanh, help me to reach a nirvana state of mind. Zen keys will be a good addition in your library if you’re serious about knowing an introduction to Zen Buddhism. We can also say this book on Zen philosophy.

For Book, details Click here.

2. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki.

shunryu suzuki book

Author short Biography:

Shunryu Suzuki is the one the most influential spiritual teacher during 1904-1971 and also remembers as founding the father of Zen in America. He was a Soto Zen monk and Suzuki founded the San Francisco Zen Center which comprised one of the most influential Zen organization.

This book Beginner’s Mind and Zen mind is one of the most popular books on Buddhism and Zen practice in the west written by Suzuki.

About Book Topics:

The book Beginner’s Mind contains 176 pages and this author write about a way of looking life in a different and positive way. Author has done detail discussion on topics mindfulness, how to start practicing properly, ways and benefits of calmness and focus in life to achieve goals, spending life getting dominated on thoughts.

This book will provide you with an ART of getting control over mind or opening your mind and contains a series of lectures which Suzuki developed for people in the USA.

Each chapter in a book provides heading regarding an aspect of daily life. Explaining each and every topic in proper conversational tone would be a hard task but Suzuki has done a great job in explaining each head-scratching phrase in more depth and clarity.

My Opinion on Book:

In my eyes, the true purpose of Zen is to see as they are, to observe things as they are and let everything go as it goes. As a human, we couldn’t control each and everything, we should learn how to see things happening and then take action with relax  mind.

This book teaches to observe things more deeply the way it is happening with a relax mind and provide the ability to take decisions in a difficult time.

For knowing more detail about the book Click Here.

3. Meditation the Complete Guide by Katie Anderson.

meditation guide for beginners

Author Short Biography:

The author of this book writes this after practicing 12 years of meditation. Katie starts learning when she was 18 years old, at that age she visited India for the first time where she gets to meet different yogis and also get invited by them to practice meditation with them.

Katie session with yogis in India changes the view of seeing life so profoundly, that during a session with yogis Katie got able to enabled to find her true passion towards life.

After that Katie life a get positive changes because of that she decided to visit India again for 1 year so she can learn meditation and can improve her spirituality more. After completing her year she returns back and starts spending according to the teaching of yogis.

About Book Topics:

Book will help beginners to understand what meditation is and different ways how it can be a great tool to get control over your mind for making life on a positive track, Author write about that the unlimited truth- meditation’s purpose, Endless benefits of meditating for few minutes or hours daily.

Step by step information about breathing meditation and a full breakdown of visualization meditation, How to incorporate mindfulness in your daily life activities and many more topic for knowing full detail click here.

My Opinion on Book:

The book is a great pack of different topics on meditation and its branches. You will get to know many more different techniques and tips on practicing Zen meditation and benefits.

In the book, the author discusses most FAQ from beginner and advanced level practitioner with detail information and easy examples. You will get a detailed explanation of the body scan meditation.

How meditation affects the brain for better performance

What Meditation does to the Brain?

Meditation is a natural remedy which works best for the betterment of mind in my opinion and proven by researches.

 In this era of struggling and hassling to achieve goals in life most people stay stress out and depressed in this situation meditation practice can be utilized as a remedy to relax the brain.

According to many previous finding and research related to meditation tell us that practicing any type of meditation always work positively for humans brain and personality building.

Studies were done in previous tell us that if you meditate on a daily basis there are several psychological and cognitive benefits which develop gradually with the time.

 Practicing 20 minutes with the commitment of doing it on a daily basis will improve your personality and other abilities.

Normally people think meditation only practices for relaxing purpose it’s done for that but, not only for relaxing. There are many positive effects of meditation on the human brain and overall ability.

·        Meditation gives you the power to make decision fluently in different situations.

In today busy era we often think many times before taking any decision either big or small which is good to think but sometimes we get confused or we do overthink, this issue can be resolved by meditation.

 Now the question will pop up in your mind “How meditation can help you to make a better decision?”

So the answer to the above question is that you probably experience the feeling of getting stressed out while having any problem and getting stress in the critical situation itself is a problem.

 When you get stress in a problem your mind couldn't think properly because that stress and nervousness feeling hijack your thinking power in a way that you couldn’t calm your mind for few minutes and those few minutes are an actual important time to take decisions.

In this case, meditating daily creates ability in you to tackle problems while keeping your mind calm and conscious to utilize thinking power.

In bad moments usually, everyone gets impaired for a few seconds or minutes but in our brain, there is a part called executive function.

What Executive Function Do?

Here is an answer;

  • The work of the executive function is to make you achieve your goals, 
  • Help you to concentrate on your work and stop switching your focus from one task to another.
  •  keep you active in every situation so you can make good decisions with a mental conscious state.
  • Enhance memory if having issues remembering things.
  • Make you think creatively and out of the box.
  • Keep you motivate in any task so your interest stay. 

What problems we can face while having Executive Function Disorder? 

When an executive function gets impaired due to any problem or disease so it stops protecting us from bad moments or we can say our mind become impaired in a problem when we need it to stay more active.

Problems we can face while having an issue in our executive function; we couldn’t focus on achieving our life goals, confidence low and always have fear of getting fail without even trying.

In this situation, meditation plays a role to cure our executive function to its previous state where it was working for our brain perfectly.

Studies have shown compelling evidence that it helps people who have impaired executive functioning skills from conditions such as Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

A study run by Dr. Lidia Zylowska showed 78% of adult participants with ADHD experienced a reduction of overall ADHD symptoms when they regularly used meditation practices.

Meditation helps to Decrease Brain Aging.

      A study conducted in California university result tells us that meditating on a daily basis helps practitioners brain to stay more active and in power to remember things for short term and long term and on another side compared to the non meditators they have less ability to remember things and mind get weaker for them as there age get increase.
active and healthy brain

Participants who meditate for long approximate 20 years had more grey matter throughout the brain and they have lost less volume of grey matter than non-meditators. I would like to tell you here a function of grey matter in brain performance so you could get a better understanding.

Grey matter contains most of the brain's neuronal cell bodies. The grey matter includes regions of the brain involved in muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. Basically, it works for making the human mental ability to improve and up to the mark.

Meditation for long period or after short time about 2 weeks you start noticing benefits you’re getting through giving some minutes to your mental health and here I can’t make you feel those benefits until you start meditating by yourself J

Listen to a TEDx talk by Neuroscientist Sara laser in which she tells how meditation can reshape brain:

Meditation helps to give you more control over thoughts.

One common problem mostly every one faces of getting control by their thoughts, Instead of controlling thoughts. For this, a study conducted in the Yale University founded that we can control our thoughts by mindfulness meditation which decreases the activity in the default mode network (DMN), work of this network in the brain is to not let the mind get wander and self-referential thoughts.

 DMN gets active when we are not thinking about particular thought or thing and different thoughts start coming in our mind for getting rid of this problem several studies have shown that meditating on a daily routine can make meditators better in snapping out the irrelevant thoughts and help in getting back to the main topic or task. Like this, we get control of thoughts which comes in our mind and on existing ones as well.

Meditating can help your brain get control over social anxiety.

meditating get you rid of anxiety

Social anxiety nowadays every smartphone user has because most smartphone users use different social apps to stay connected to their love ones but on another hand using these apps more also become problem for people they get addicted to keeping checking their news feeds or notification for something new, basically they cut their connection to the real world and start staying more in phones.

Now the question comes here “How meditation help in social anxiety?” case so the answer is that meditation helps in this by making more aware of your inner self and make you better in thinking logically that which action is beneficial for you or not.

For example checking your Facebook news feed after every 10 to 20 minutes your not going to get anything or if your friend buy a big house and you’re seeing his pictures on social apps also not going to get you that house, you need to stop spending your time on those apps stalking other achievements and getting jealous.

Utilize that time and work for those achievements, take action for them than you will get things which you see on social apps.

BY meditating daily you get to know reality or we can say our mind get active in sensing which task is good for us or not. You get more control over your actions and thoughts.

A 2014 study showed that state anxiety of participants was reduced when they meditated. This reduction was linked to the activation of three brain structures, the anterior cingulate cortex, ventromedial prefrontal cortex, and anterior insula. 

Activation of these brain regions was strongly related to anxiety relief and confirmed that mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety by helping individuals to regulate their thinking patterns.

Meditation gives you the power to get rid of addiction:

A growing number of different type of addiction are becoming a problem for there health. IN this case, meditation can play a vital role in stopping peoples from those addictions, addiction can be of any type let’s take an example of smoking, a chain smokers need a cigarette after every few minutes because of his addiction.

Here meditating plays its role to make you a better person and get rid of an addiction. A study found that people who learned mindfulness meditation were more likely to quite there addiction and this study which is conducted by freedom from smoking (FFS) program.

They do 17-week follow-up in a meditating training to see what a result they get from people who are learning meditating practice so the result was that addicted people after completing their 17-week course are able to get rid of their addiction.

This happened because meditation helps people “decouple” the state of craving from their addiction and they get control of their craving which becomes a reason for getting off their addiction.

 How long does it take for meditation to change the brain?

After reading many pieces of research and by my own meditating experience I came to a conclusion that meditation takes approximately eight-weeks to show you some real benefits to your mental health but some relaxing changes you will start getting after one-week.

Read this article for knowing how to practice meditation and different types of meditating practice.


 In this article, I tried to give you a detailed answer to the question “How meditation affects the brain?” with different types of benefits you will get after meditating for a few weeks.

In the last I would like to say you that do get started with this practice, in my opinion, it’s only a natural practice which improves the human mental power to another level and gives you the control over your mind and getting the control over mind is all we need to get a brighter and successful future.

One more thing doesn't start practicing with more time because if you will start meditating with more time you will get bored fast and couldn’t continue for a long time and this practice takes some time to show you actual benefits.

Do start with five minutes and with your comfort and practicing level increase your time gradually, increasing your time like this in my experience is the best way to see real benefits of meditating practice after some time.

Best of luck for your meditating future J

Zen Meditation Guide with Benefits

ZEN meditation practice is one of the famous types of meditating practice, which works to provide relaxation from anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Zen focusing practice improves practitioner ability to control their thoughts and actions in a better and positive way.

Before moving towards the actual method of Zen meditation, I would like to give you a short background overview so you can understand below post in a better way.

What is Zen?

zen breathing

Truly speaking we can’t explain or define meditations in words until you practice and feel the benefits by your self. BUT, for the better understanding, we can look at the background that “how does Zen meditation practice was formed?” and “what was the actual purpose of finding this type of meditation?”

The practice of Zen meditation or Zazen (座禅 - za meaning sitting, and Zen meaning meditation in Japanese) the main purpose of this type of meditation was vigilance and a better understanding of own self by focusing deeply insight.

Zen meditation helps to awaken the person spirituality by telling him about his inside and ways to become a better human in this world.

IF someone asks me to explain Zen meditation, I will tell him that it’s a practice where you sit in a silent place and free your all thought inside the mind, let your thoughts come and go.  You keep intention on your breathing rhythm while keeping your back straight and in the last try to merge your self in the universe.

This is Zen meditation.

How to Perform Zen Meditation:

benefits of zen meditation

To begin with Zen meditation you need to focus on points;

  • TO get started with meditation you need a room or any place without disturbance and interference.
  • After finding silent spot go and sit with your back straight and you can also close your legs if you want.
  • You must be wearing clothes which are comfortable and loose. For a better experience in meditation and also get a meditating cushion or any cushions which can provide your hips comfort.
  • If you want you can close your eyes but it totally depends on you that either you want to close your eyes or want to keep them open.
  • Focus on the breath initially. Start by breathing through your mouth with a few deep breaths until your breathing is settled and consistent. Then breathe exclusively through your nose and keep your mouth closed.
  • For keeping your focus stick to the one point and to less wander your mind. You can also start counting breaths. It is ONE out is TWO. It is THREE out is FOUR. It is FIVE out is SIX. It is SEVEN out is EIGHT. It is NINE out is TEN. Then go back to one.
  • Do remember that your mind will get wander many times in the start of your zen meditation journey for a few days when your mind will get stray don’t get panic just bring your focus to breathing again.
  • While focusing on breathe, push through the part of your brain will tell you to get up or do anything, this task is time waste. Many different thoughts will come in mind but don’t give attention to them and keep your focus centered on the breath.
  • In the start of your meditating journey get started with 5 minutes minimum and after that gradually increase the time, as you feel comfortable and relax. Usually, I meditate for 15 minutes daily.
Keep one thing in your mind that you need to meditate without setting any goals, just leave your mind free and keep focusing on breathing rhythm. This task will be difficult in the start but gradually with daily practicing, it will get easier for you. Meditation can take some time to give potential benefits but for sure with time you will feel the change in your mental and physical ability.


Benefits of Zen Meditation:

Science has proven that meditation rewires our brain. Meditating for few minutes daily provide tremendous amazing benefits to in life;
·         Zen meditation is a great way to reduce stress from daily life tensions. There are huge benefits that how meditation helps to cure you of stress.
·         Zen help to increase the sense of understanding other people around you and make you connect to people, this benefit is highly needed in professional life because connecting with others and knowing how to deal with them is one the skill highly needed to get succeed in professional life.
·         Meditation increases your psychological functioning and in the process improves your sense of well-being. 

·         According to many studies people who meditate on a daily basis is more creative and punctual to their work routine.

·         Meditation improves the brain function and improves the memory because when we meditate the blood flow and oxygen towards our brain vines increases,  which become the reason to improve the functionality of the brain.

·         Zen meditation also to overcome from addictions.

·         Meditation helps to improve the functionality of heart and decrease the chances of strokes.

·         Zen meditations take you towards the enlightenment of knowing your inner self in a better way.

·         Meditation fresh your mood, which is an important need in this busy and stress full world.

·         Improve the ability to concentrate and stay attentive to the present ongoing world. You will get the power too control your mind and to stick to the task which is ongoing at that moment.


In this article, I have written about the Zen type meditation and what was the purpose of practicing this type of meditation. Practicing this type of meditation provides you many health benefits physical and mental both.

The above Zen meditation Guide tells you the proper methods or correct posture to perform this meditation for better health benefits and this type of meditation can type some time to give you numerous for a better and healthy life but the requirement is you need to be consistent in practicing this meditation on daily basis. 

Basho Meditation Chair Review

Using a Meditation chair always provide you great comfort in your meditating practice. Having the right accessories and furniture is always a great step. Meditation chairs are beneficial for many reasons and for many peoples e.g. people who get backbone pain or uncomfortable sitting on the ground, they can use meditation chair and for sure it will be a great option for them to opt and to start their spiritual powers finding the journey through meditation.

Benefits of using Meditation chair:

There are many benefits of using meditation chair. But, one benefit which I personally like is these chairs are easy to carry anywhere because mostly chair is light weighted and compact, meaning is that you get an advantage to changing their position and place easily. Meditating chairs are design low to the floor which provides benefit to practitioners to perform their practice easily and comfortably with giving you back support.

Meditation chair also works as a visual reminder that you need to meditate and it will also help you to keep in rhythm to meditate. If you tried to meditate sitting on the floor you must experience the pain in your butt after a few minutes of sitting. In this case, chair provide us benefit for sitting comfortably, the cushion in the chair provides you softness to sit.

They’re often designed and shaped to support standard sitting position and meditation help relax from anxiety attacks and depression. Peoples often think that meditation is an easy task in which you just need to sit for a few minutes and need to focus on one particular thought or mantra.

I am not trying to say that this exercise is hard to practice, it’s easy to practice but only focusing to get benefits of meditation till mind is wrong thinking because meditation practice isn't only minimized to better mental performance, This practice provides benefits to overall human health including physical and mental both.

Now after knowing that this practice has a roll in the physical health betterment as well, so we need to get little deeper in the detail to know “how to sit while meditating?” as I mentioned above that many people face problem in sitting on the floor directly or with cushions because they don’t proper back support.

Back pain is one the reason that people get reluctant to get started with meditating and it’s normal you don’t need to worry now days mostly everyone faces back pain problem in sitting on the floor because in this time we sit fewer times on floor directly and we don’t have a habit of sitting.

 For those peoples solution is Basho meditation chairs. These chairs come with proper back support and teachers of meditation always recommend following proper posture while performing this practice.
Now move towards the main part of the article Basho Meditation Chair Review.

There many types of meditation chairs available on online stores like Amazon, which is the largest online store with a good reputation. I will give you review about chairs available on Amazon online store.

1. Friends of Meditation Extra Large Relaxing Buddha Meditation and Yoga Chair with back support and Meditation Block.

buddhist meditation chair

Let’s discuss some of the advantages and build quality of the chair:

  • The chair is designed by a famous Osho meditation facilitator name Dhyan ummesh.
  • Comes with 7 years of Guarantee and seat size is of 18 x 18-inch x 3 inches.
  • The total gross weight is 2.2 kg.
  • 3 inch 40 Density feather foam.
  • The chair you can also get in different packs e.g. 2 chair pack 4 pack and even 8 packs.
  • Ideal family meditation chair, which helps to make your meditation experience more comfortable.
  • Comes with carrying bag and material of basic cotton.

Above I have told you some main build quality features. This chair comes in an amazing color option of maroon, black, and navy blue. Instead of using another normal television chair this chair is much better in comfort, making you meditation experience relaxing and calming and looks awesome in the home because of its modern looks and comfortable up to 6 ft person as well or more.

For reading user comments or knowing more detail about the above product Click here.

2. Meditation Buddha Bliss Meditation Chair.

bliss meditation

Let’s read about some of the Advantage and build quality of the chair:

  • Good amount of cushion support you get in the chair to give proper support to your back and to elevate your hips.
  • Designed support good in cross leg posture as well.
  • Comfort level helps you to sit for a long time without having a problem in your comfort.
  • Back support you get in the meditating chair is strict and work best to keep your back straight.
  • The color you get in it brown.
  • Extensions are provided to increase the length if you’re tall than average height.

This chair is a great product to use for meditating in the house but not easy to take along with you while traveling because it contains wait of 12 pounds and cannot be fit in the suitcase but it comes with a travel bag which you can use for traveling purpose. Good point for this chair is that it provides you with great back support for the long practice.

For reading user reviews and knowing more detail you can Click Here.

3. BonVIVO Easy III Padded Floor Meditation Chair:

meditation floor chair back support

  • Meditating chair is built of feather foam and comes with 7 years of guarantee.
  • Weight chair contain is of 2.2 kg.
  • Helps to increase your sitting capacity on the floor.
  • Ideal for home or for teaching someone.
  • Provide comfort and proper back support.
  • The backrest prevents slouching, promotes healthy posture, and helps prevent back pain. A combination of upholstery filling, PE foam, and PU foam conforms ideally to the body and offers maximum comfort for sitting and reclining. The backrest is very stable and can support the body weight of up to 100 kg (220 lb).
  • Chair available in two colors of blue and beige.
  • Measurements that you will get after folding chair are H 56cm x W 47cm x D 10cm (22x18.5x4). The seating area is 42cm (16.5”) high and 47cm (18.5”) wide and the backrest is 52cm (20.5”) high and 47cm wide (18.5”). The chair weighs 2.3 kg (5 lbs).

For reading customers comments on products or knowing more detail Click here.

Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks

In the present era with a busy schedule, people are facing headaches due to office work or any personal tensions and there is a huge amount of peoples who get anxiety attacks many times a day. There are many natural Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks present to solve your problem.

Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks

The relaxation techniques which I will tell you are free of any risk and are related to natural practices. But, practicing them for a minimum of 5 minutes to the time you feel comfortable. Practice on a regular basis is necessary to get proper control over anxiety attacks.

1. Muscle relaxation technique:

A progressive muscle relaxation technique is an effective way to reduce anxiety. PMR technique helps to calm your anxious thoughts and decrease the tension throughout the body. This technique is similar to meditation techniques which help to relax your mind.

Muscle relaxation technique also helps to lessen the body tension through tightening and releasing various muscle groups.

How to practice muscle relaxation technique?

For practicing muscle relaxation technique there are a few steps you need to follow for better and fast result.

  • Find a place to sit comfortably in your house or in the garden but make sure the place you decide to sit should be silent and calming for you.
  • Close your eyes and breathe normally without forcing, breathe through your nose while mouth close and try to keep your focus stick to the rhythm of breathing.
  • Inhale the breathe and hold it for few seconds, and think that you’re collecting all tensions and then slowly release your breathe normally while thinking you’re releasing all tensions from your body.
  • You can also squeeze your hand tightly before holding your breath. After releasing breathes open your hand by opening finger one by one.
  • Now feel and notice the lightness of relaxing light hand and mind. Enjoy this feel!

2. Stay Physically Active:

Physical activity for anxiety attacks

Many research has been done in past to confirm that how daily physical activity can help to keep you active and strong your mind to fight against anxiety and depression.

Physical exercise always played a vital role in improving human mental fitness. There are many more benefits for staying physically active e.g. helps to improve your concentration power, enhance your overall brain functions and people who do physical activity on a daily basis they get more control on their stress and get less fatigue than sedentary peoples.

Effects of anxiety or depression impact the overall body and mood. For getting rid anxiety and bad mood, exercise is one the best natural remedy because physical activities produce a chemical called endorphin which helps to improve the ability to sleep and reduce stress to the great amount and work as a natural pain killer to the body.

Many Psychologists tell that 10 minutes of walk work better than a 45 minute of the workout. Studies also show that exercise helps the brain to cope better with depression. Peoples who exercise daily have 25 percent fewer chances to develop anxiety and depression till the next five years.

Which physical activity is good to be done?

Although all physical activities are good for better health, I am going to tell you easiest and one the most popular and beneficial exercise walking, jogging or biking.

If you’re already doing any above exercise keep doing. If not, below you will get tips in the points to make you get started.

Walking or jogging exercise always stays in the top priority of peoples in the modern and old era. But, some people leave this exercise after a week or two because they think they are not getting any progress.

So in below steps, you will know tips to perform walking or jogging exercise in your daily routine with vital progress.

Relaxation Techniques for anxiety attacks

  • If you’re a beginner to start with setting small goals with consistency rather than focusing on increasing goal or making them perfect.
  • Get a watch or smartphone to see time. Start walking for 15-20 minutes daily, keep in mind that frequency in exercise plays a vital role told by many scientific data.
  • If you want you can listen to music or podcasts while exercising. Many people use it and find more them self more active to workout and enjoy.
  •  You can also take your friend along with you for better time pass while exercising and can have talked with him while walking.
  •   In start walk for 15 to 20 minutes daily and try to notice the distance you cover in the beginning and when you will feel comfortable in completing that distance increase the distance little. For example, in the start, you were able to complete 2 kilometers in 20 minutes and after walking for 2 weeks daily you start feeling this task easy. So now increase your distance from 2 kilometers to 4 in 20 minutes.
  • By increasing your goals slowly you will stay motivated and your stamina will also increase.

3. Check the Nutrition intake:

good diet for stress free and anxiety free life

Food also plays a vital role in health. Keeping a check on your intake is also a part of the relaxation technique for anxiety, eat clean food and cut-off the drinks or food which harm your physical and mental health.

Remove the harmful ingredients from your kitchens such as sugary products, alcohol, and caffeine. Try to keep foods like green vegetables and dairy products in the diet, which gives you health benefits and power to your mind to tackle problems.

Eat foods, which help to lift your mood such as multivitamins, including vitamin b5, vitamin b6, and C, zinc is also a great source for mental health, magnesium, and other vitamins as well.

4. Practice Meditation Daily:

There is a connection between anxiety and meditation. Meditating helps you to prepare your mind to tackle different depression and tension with deep focusing and breathing. But, before getting to this level you need to practice meditation on daily basis.

Researches done on meditation shows us that meditating daily promotes well being and relaxation, stress relieving and provides you many health benefits that include mind focus, less fatigue, sharp memory and reduces blood pressure, anxiety, and many more benefits.

There are many types of meditation practice you can find on the internet which mostly works to better your mental and physical health. But, directly jumping towards the advance level meditating practice wouldn’t be a good idea.

Forgetting proper spiritual benefits you need to get a start from a beginning. Meditation practice is one of the natural Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks.

Get a quiet place to sit comfortably with less distraction while meditation. In this era, the world is full of noises and distraction. Finding a silent spot for meditation without interruption is a valuable thing and more important when you’re a beginner and learning to meditate.

Remember some points which may help you while meditating as a newbie:

  • At first few weeks, many things will wander your focus from meditation and distract you. Your mind will get focus towards irrelevant sounds e.g. car driving sound and birds sound which you usually don’t focus.
  • Best tip I would give you is turn off your all electronic devices and internet connection just so you can’t get any notification bell for a few minutes.
  • I personally like to meditate in a room which is dark because it helps me to focus more deeply and closing room door works best to reduce distraction.

After completing some basic and initial steps, now its time to decide sitting posture:

  • As a beginner, you can sit on a chair with back straight or you can sit on the floor with legs cross and back straight. For sitting comfortably on the ground you should keep pillow below your hips.
  • You can also close your eyes but if you feel more comfortable focusing with eyes open you can meditate in that way as well. It’s totally your choice.
  • Now take 2 to 3 deep breathes for warm up before starting actual meditating practice.

Controlling breathe helps your body and mind to get relax. This step is done by all mediators. In fact, effective meditation can be practiced just by focusing on your breathing pattern.

·         Breathe through your nose and then out air also through your nose. Keep your mouth closed and relaxed while breathing. For making your concentration more strong, start to focus on the sound of your breathing rhythm is creating.
·         If you feel comfortable you can put your hand on your stomach. It should rise while inhaling and lower as you exhale. Breathe in and breathe out at regular intervals.
·         You should practice this type of meditation for at least 5 minutes daily in the start and after getting comfortable with sitting posture and focusing on breathing you can increase your meditating time up to you.
·         Breathe focusing meditation helps to calm the nervous system, increase oxygen towards mind which helps to mind to work better to tackle anxiety attacks.

There is another famous practice in meditation called Focusing on an object. In this type of practice, you need pay attention to some object or on a particular thought in a mind. The purpose of this type of meditation is to free your mind from distractions that cause stress.

Some people practice this meditation by focusing on an object, image, mantra and breathing pattern which we discussed above.

focusing meditation for anxiety attacks

The rules are almost similar to the breathing meditation but in this type, you can try to focus object like a candle and while focusing try to bring you all attention towards the candle flame, focus from a distance so it couldn’t harm you.

5. Stay Away From Social Media Apps:

You must be thinking why I am asking you to stay away from using social media apps or sites in this era in which people think important to use them daily, to stay connected to the world.
social media apps cause anxiety and stress

The reason is that excessive use of apps can cause anxiety and much more serious health disorder which becomes a reason to waste your time and keep you away from achieving your better life goals.

According to researches and experts, almost 22% of people with social media apps cannot go more than four hours checking their social apps. So, you must be curious to know what actually social media apps anxiety disorder is? And what are symptoms of social media anxiety?

There is a good amount of people who don’t get stressed out or nervous when they can not check their social accounts for a long time. But, we can’t also forget another huge amount of people who are addicted to checking their social accounts every five minutes, which comes in social media anxiety disorder.

Below I will point out some most common symptoms of social media anxiety disorder;

Social media anxiety symptoms:

  • Neglecting work or school to comment on Facebook or snapchat account
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you are not able to access social media 
  • Spending over six hours per day on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or snapchat
    Loss of interest in other activities.
  • Interrupting conversations to check your social media accounts
  • Lying to others about how much time you spend on social media
  • Withdrawal from friends and family 
  • Trying to stop or reduce your use of social media more than once before without being successful
  • Negative impacts in your personal or professional life due to social media usage.
  • Your loved ones can get angry because of not getting proper their time from you, which you may spend in checking your news feed.
  • Having your phone with you 24 hours a day with an internet connection to check your social media sites.
  • Using social media more often than you planned.
  • Severe nervousness or anxiety when you are not able to check your notifications or not get like and shares.
  • Inpatient to share things with others on social media sites.

According to studies in America, about 30% of people who use their social apps extraordinary spend on average 15 hours per week online. This huge time which we usually waste online without any reason, only to check how others are spending their lives and what achievements they are getting, is not going to give us a positive effect because for getting success you need to get out of your comfort zone and need to work with your full attention and power. If we keep checking other’s achievements we can only get jealous of them and this is another bad disease in my view.

What can you do to get rid of Social media anxiety disorder?

There are many Relaxation techniques for anxiety attacks and social media apps are a branch of anxiety we can say. First, you need to put one thing in your mind that peoples, who are posting pictures or status on facebook, snapchat or at any social app. That achievement you’re not going to get until you work for that and seeing the pictures and wishing for it is waste of time.

Another big misconception some people get from seeing other’s luxurious lifestyle that maybe they don’t have any problem in their life. But, this thinking is wrong every person has a problem according to their success level and remembers one thing that you can’t get successful without tackling problems.


In the last, I will try to sum the whole article for you. So, you can get the idea again in your mind after reading these few lines. Above article is written about Relaxation technique for anxiety attacks, the reason why people get anxiety or stress out in their life is an article.

I have discussed five reasons why you face anxiety or stress in daily routine and their solution as well.  After searching and reading researches, I also discuss natural methods which are best to get rid of anxiety fast.

For living a better life we need to care about our body as well and mind. We can care about our physical health by doing physical activities and for mental health, we have different types of meditation technique to improve brain functioning.

 I hope you liked the article. Constructive criticism will be highly appreciable for doing better in the future. We would like to your question and comments as well J