Best Books to stop Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can destroy the human ability to cope with problems. A negative mindset can create many troubles in future decision making tasks because if we always think negatively our mind will develop a habit of it and in the condition where you should think positively you will be thinking with a negative mindset because it has become a process in which your mind thinks.

For getting rid of this disease firstly you should get the best self-help books so you can get able to recognize your inner self in a better and clear way. Power of thinking has a great and a  major role in our future building if we think positively there are more chances that positive things happen to us.

My list of Positive thinking books is numerous, but I will point out some of the best books on changing negative thinking so you can get able to adopt a Positive attitude for your rest of life.

Let’s Dive in;

·        The Power of Now: Guide to spiritual enlightenment.

Book The power of now

One of the most clearly written and in demand book The Power of Now review is that this book is written by an amazing writer Eckhart Tolle with guidance to help every individual to get connected to their inner self and to get a better understanding of their soul.

The theme of the book is that you can find and maintain a deep sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment, and in doing so, "return home to yourself." These concepts are very real and attainable easily. The goal is to break through the barrier of the noise inside the mind.

stop negative thoughts When you do this, it is like having total awareness of being alive. It is like being able to see the world with clarity and without the constant stream of mental judgments, mental noise, and fear. Even the appearance of objects seems so different and vibrant. And even physical space takes on new meaning - you sense that everything is connected.

The book enables the person Knowledge to get the deeper dimension that transcends language. Instead of having faith in God, you get sure that God is with you, which is the one of the best feeling and inner peace you can wish to get.

 You go through life having a deep sense of peace and joy. You feel that peace and joy within yourself and external to yourself. The Power of Now introduces you to life to live with little mental fear.

Read the readers comments across the world regarding the book "The Power of Now".

·        How to Stop Negative Thoughts: With Near Death Experience.

Dealing with negative peoples

This book name "How to Stop Negative Thinking" is written by Barbara Ireland based on her true experience of coping with negativity and other related thoughts. She tells about her experience that how she gets aware of the inner critical thoughts while performing on the stage.

 In this book Barbara Ireland wrote down her complete journey to coping with negative thoughts, self-esteem, social anxiety, depression, and unhappiness.

This Book has helped many peoples by providing great and attainable tricks to get dominated on negativity and the problem of comparing your self with others and thinking of that you’re less than someone.

Once a famous businessman Bill Gates has said;

“Don’t compare your self with others, if you do that so you’re decreasing your own value because each person is born unique”.

In the book "How to Stop Negativity" you will get to read methods to increase your enlightenment and spirituality in a better and easy way.

Barbara also teaches how to get a better understanding of your mind and body, which will help you to tackle future negativity because we humans beings are a social animal, in life we will get to meet different peoples in which some will be positive and many will be negative.  And with the better understanding and controlling thoughts,  you will be able to live a happy life with ease.

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One of the most important things, in this book, is that you will get the answer to all those questions which a person gets while coping with negativity because it's written on a true happening.

Read Peoples comments that how they find a way to deal with their negativity problem after reading the book “How to Stop Negative Thinking”.

·        Talk to Your Self Like a Buddhist | Five MindfulTools by Monks.

how to become a buddhist monk

The Best thing about this book is that, in this book author focus to help readers to get a better understanding of their inner self. Cynthia the writer of the book also indicates the ways in which we talk to our self and he wrote that the behavior which we adapt to talk to our self is hurting and destroying.

Cynthia Kane is the communication expert and he believes that, we mostly use that language to talk to our self which we may never choose to communicate with others. In the book “ Talk to Your Self like a Buddhist ” will help you to understand five important tools to get a better connection with your soul with the true monk experience, which will help you to end negative thoughts in your mind and give you control on your thoughts.

More you can expect from this book, the better understanding of your thoughts and the way to react on them, improve the ability to listen to others with understanding the core meaning of their talk, helps you to explore more hidden powers from your inner-self and the last one book will teach you to balance all the activities, to run in a correct momentum without getting dominant on your mind.

Read Peoples thoughts on “ Talk to your Self like a Buddhist ” and get a clear idea about the book.

·        Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe | Book to EndNegativity.

books on negative thinking

As you have read out the name of the book, which is pretty interesting, the book is more interesting than a name and full of interesting actionable stuff.

Book will teach you to be your self, give you a road map to follow your positive vibes without getting pessimistic. Author Reese Owen tells in the book to become positive thinker without getting stuck in the daily tension and worries.

Book helped me to get out of my worries of the future and past happenings. After reading the book I got mantra to ignore my negative vibes and adopt positive ones, which are better for my present and future. I also get a better focus and understanding of my mind, which helps me to control my immediate anger problem, now I am able to think calmly in any difficult situation. which solve my half problem because when you think in anger, you don’t take out solution, you make a situation more worst.

the book helped me a lot to find out key rules to change my life with peace and happiness.

Get to know what other readers thoughts on the book “BitchDon’t Kill My Vibes”.


In this article, I tried to give you valuable information from my experience that how I get able to cope with my anger and negative thinking issue. Negativity is a disease which is very powerful to destroy anyone life very silently because in actual no one get to know what is going in your self, only you know that some irrelevant thoughts are popping and teasing you.

I had experience negative thinking for a long time which wasted my hundreds of hours. If you’re facing this problem so do take immediate action on it because it is affecting your ability to think positively and to fight with negative situations. Read above-recommended books, which will help you to get a cure.

Benefits of Meditation during Pregnancy

Meditation can be a great beneficial practice while pregnancy and help you to know more about inner happening, giving birth is physically and emotionally demanding process, same as an athlete training for a competition.

Getting proper knowledge of the body in pregnancy or in normal conditions can make you alert of upcoming problems in body but for women’s who are pregnant it is more important for her to know about sensations and feeling that they may experience at the day they go into labor.

Meditation in pregnancy helps you get an idea of how to stay calm and peaceful. The experience or ability you develop to calm your self will help you out in a time to have a baby.

Ways to Stay Healthy during Pregnancy;

·        Meditation helps to avoid negative thoughts. 

In normal days we also get negative thoughts but there are several ways to cope with negativity but during pregnancy, you need to be more alert towards them because at that time negative thoughts will not only harm your health but it will affect your baby healthy as well, which I am sure you don’t want to happen.

negative thoughts in pregnancy

So practicing meditation in pregnancy will give you control over your thoughts and as well on reaction to those thoughts. Basically meditation helps you get into a proper conscious state and when a person starts staying fully conscious so he can control his brain and action very well and don’t get hurt from negativity any more because he knows what will be good for him and what will not.

·        Meditation will keep you Away from Unhealthy Habits.

unhealthy habits As I mentioned in the above paragraph that mediation helps to get control over thoughts and actions, so that control helps to keep you away from different bad habits, Maybe you have a habit of smoking, Drinking or any type of bad habit because these types of habits can hurt the health of unborn baby and have bad effects on pregnant mother health as well.

Meditating on a daily basis will help you to focus on more towards the good things rather than bad habits, the reason for this is that if you continuously meditate so you will start to reveal inner layer after layer of your self and get a better understanding of your soul and this understanding will help you to get control over bad habits.

·        Meditation helps to cope with Depression and Anxiety.

Meditation practice is capable to change certain brain regions, which directly related to depression. Studies have proven that when you meditate you get able to ignore the sensation of anxiety and stress better and with ease but getting this level you need consistency is your practice.

Practicing this can be a great relief for women before giving birth to a baby because in pregnancy women’s have mood disorders and biological illnesses which involve changes in women’s brains chemistry.

Another change which women’s have in pregnancy is hormone changes in brain chemistry and directly link to anxiety and depression, getting in this type of situation can affect baby and women health. For this situation meditation will be a great natural cure to practice on a daily basis to give easy birth of new life.


·        Solve Sleep Problem During Pregnancy.

sleep problem in pregnancy

Most of the pregnant women’s complains to their medical advisor that they are unable to sleep properly at night and sleep is one the important factor to follow while women are pregnant because that is the best natural way to get the best relaxation.

Solution for not getting proper sleep is again meditation. Practicing it daily will help you to get a night of deep and better sleep, an expert at San Jose state university in 2010 showed that practicing mindfulness meditation will help you to relax your mind; you will be able to get sleep for couples of hours.

·        Meditation can be Helpful to give a Birth to Healthy Baby.

Most of the moms start to worry about their developing baby, about their health or are they getting proper nutrients in their belly. But in actual their sincere worrying put them into tension and a lot of thinking and this can hurt their baby health.

healthy babyThere are numerous studies on meditation and some good numbers of studies are also conducted on pregnant women’s by scientists and doctors to observe the changes which meditation make in the body in pregnancy.

Doctors and scientist have studied that practicing meditation can help pregnant women’s throughout the whole nine month time duration and especially at birth time. Mom who gets to a good level of concentration is most likely to give birth to a healthy baby and those moms who are at high level of stress and anxiety most likely to give birth to preterm or low birth weight.

·        Meditation Eases the Birth Process.

guided meditation for labor and delivery

I am not saying that meditation will totally get you rid of labor pain but it will help you to bear it with eases. Giving birth to a new life is a difficult task, which is extremely painful, stressing and challenging.

By practicing Mindfulness meditation or any type of mind relaxation meditation will help you reduce an intake for high power medical drugs and establish power in your self to cope with this painful condition little easily.

A study conducted at Manchester University related to practicing meditation for reducing labor pain, So that study found that meditation does not directly reduce the labor pain but it helps women to limit their fear and which can be more helpful for women in that condition.

·        Meditation helps to get Pregnant.

meditation to help conceive

A study conducted in a Western Australia University to find the factors that when does a woman get able to conceive easily, So researches found that women’s can get pregnant more likely when they are in peaceful mental state and it become difficult for a woman to conceive in stress or depression state of mind.

So here comes an answer to ‘How Meditation helps Women’s to get fervent wish full fill?’ practicing meditation on a daily basis help to develop an immune system in the brain to reduce stress and depression easily and these two mostly become hurdle for a woman to conceive.


Practicing this natural practice called Meditation helps to tackle many issues in normal life and give you extra power to live more amazingly.

But in this article above we talk about one of the serious and precious time in the life of a woman, which is giving birth to a new life. Many times it could become difficult or women can face certain issues e.g. depression, stress, anxiety, no sleep and many more challenges in this process because it’s a long nine-month period before giving birth.

So Benefits of Meditation during pregnancy will provide you some amazing strength to cope with issues and pass this time with ease and less trouble. 

How to ignore negative people’s and their comments

Negativity can be a big hurdle to get success in life but as a social animal and for living in this world we can’t get permanently save from negativity or from negative peoples around us because in every five person around you, you will find one person among them who is negative thinker, this assumption can be wrong but 95% chances are that it won’t.

You also had an experience that when you are hanging with a group of friends or colleagues there is a person who always shows fear ness to do things or use to think that if something wrong happened so what he will do and also tells others to not do something new because of fear of having something wrong.

 This type of negative peoples you will find every day in your life and for staying safe from getting mentally harm through their negative talks you need learn to cope with this problem.

Here below I will discuss some famous ways which I practice daily in my life to stay away from any type of negativity;

Analyze your gathering: You must have listened from your elders in childhood that choosing the right friends or sitting in right, gathering plays a key role in developing your future because if you sit with smarter and positive peoples you will develop a habit of staying positive and trying things with a positive mindset but if you sit with negative peoples, you will get more towards negativity and which will make you take negative actions and those actions will impact your future.

It is normal that every group has a mixture of positive and negative qualities friends. Now the question which arises in everyone's mind is “How to identify negative person?” so the answer to this question is that observe the talking and suggestions your friends usually give to each other and the way they cheer up anyone in any problem.

group of friends

If you find someone who tried to take advantage of any a person when he is in problem, try to demoralize and use to point out negative points in everyone and don’t get happy for others when they get success in life so do understand, that person is a negative thinker who doesn’t like seeing anyone getting successful.

After pointing out that negative person through observing his behavior towards you and others try to avoid that person or find ways to get less engage with that person and limit your response to him when he talks something wrong by just saying “I see” or, okay you try to walk away from him but when someone talk positive give him a reply with enthusiasm.

Don’t get in unwanted arguments:  Getting in an argument is good sometimes but with those peoples who arguing on logical topic and its type of polite knowledge sharing talk in which at the end both persons agree on one point or end the discussion politely but same does not happen when you are arguing with some negative person because these type of peoples tried to let you down and by doing this they get inner temporary happiness for them self.

But If you feel that someone is not trying to understand what you are telling him or discussing  with him so do avoid that person because talking with him will not worth your time and energy and that person will not even try to understand your point of view.

Arguing with this type of stubbornness who always tries to put their point on you is useless because in this world each person is unique creature of God and has a right to tell his thinking to others and others should listen to him and try to understand him or discuss on his point.

In this world, there are many peoples with whom arguing or talking is worthless as I told you above so try to keep a distance from them, tell them that you’re done with the conversation and you don’t want to take it further and simply walk away.

Don’t think to give them a long explanation that why you don’t want to talk to them or etc because giving explanations are only important to those who care for you or for whom you care but not for those who are in your life to give you mental stress through their Bad-mouth.

Block that person from social platforms: If you are really serious about getting away from negativity so blocking that person from social media will be a good step because he won’t be able to destroy your day via social platforms and he will get another clear message that you don’t want to get in any type of communication with him anymore.
block social media app

And do stay mentally prepared that when you will block that the person he will try to react with anger and negativity to being deleted from your social media feed.

 I am not asking you to hurt anyone through blocking him but I am telling you the ways which I mostly use to maintain distance from negative peoples and it works well for me to spend day positively.

 I directly blocked that soul instead of getting tension and thinking about his negative talks all day, instead of that I start thinking positive thoughts about my daily task that I will end it today or something good.

These are basic remedies that you should follow at the start of staying away from negativity or you can read a book The Greatest You written by a renowned inspirational speaker Treant Shelton.

Try to understand others: Before judging any person as a negative person, do create his positive image in mind, take time and listen and try to understand what he is saying.

 maybe in the way he is talking is wrong but the actual intention of his is not to hurt or provide any type of negativity towards you.

This happened many times with me and I am sure with you as well that we judge others too quickly and in the wrong way and even not try to understand them so do listen every one politely and if you think about that person is trying spread negativity so try methods written in the article.

Check out Positive thinking youtube video: 10 Things that will change your life immediately 

Start meditating or any type of mind relaxing therapy: Meditating is one of the proven positive thinking exercises to heal the brain from many problems and helps you to get control over your thought and reactions.

You can also practice Yoga for positivity which is a natural practice but the benefits we get by yoga to the body are more focus towards the flexing the body but it has some great benefits on providing mental health awareness.

If you get proper command over your actions through controlling your thoughts then no one can stop you from achieving goals because in the human body brain is the most powerful organ to control other all actions and organs of humans.

There are many different ancient meditating practices which works great for present time because basic human behavior never changes and in past also people use to hurt each other and  there tensions were almost same like today we face between each, not exactly the same but it has resemblance with them.

There could be another reason that is proven by researches that 60% of daily life difficulties among spouse or friends are may be insolvable. Problems don’t grow because of the issue but because of the way we tried to handle that problem so for getting the right guidance we can consult through the counselor and cope with the issue easily.

Seek for positive peoples around you:  As I discuss before with you that company of peoples matters allot so seeking for a positive human beings company is important. Do spend among those with whom you enjoy spending time and getable to feel relax and most important that they don’t talk something nonsense which may demoralize you or take you to the point where you need to sit and think about their talks.

positive people

First to identify positive people in your life than proactively start scheduling time with them, evening dinner or quick catch up would be great to make your mood fresh and get a little relax from all day tensions.

And do decide that you will not let negative people intrude in your life and not let them determine how you think feel and behave. Collect all your positive energy and start focusing on stepping forward for achieving goals in life.


Life is a precious gift from God to us so do enjoy life, living positively and doesn’t let negativity or negative peoples to get dominant over you because if they get they will destroy your lot time through their trash talks and that time you can serve in working for achieving success goals in life.

Negativity is a type of disease which has the power to destroy people’s life so always find ways to stay away from it and from peoples who are already it's patient ;)

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.” 
Eleanor Roosevelt

How Yoga Changes Your Body| 2019 information

Yoga is one of the most beneficial practice and has become a modern-day symbol of peace, calmness, and mindfulness. According to an American study done in 2012 tells that more than 20 million people practice yoga daily and spend 10 billion dollars on yoga training and yoga-related products every year.

This study tells us that when this much number of people use to practice yoga in 2012 and now in 2019 there will be double or triple numbers of people who would be practicing yoga on a daily basis.

Last research number which we found about peoples who practice yoga on a daily basis is 36 million peoples in America and this number grew up to 50% from 2012 to 2016. Number of yoga centers according to the last survey in 2016 is 6000 in the US and amount which spend on yoga training and products are raised from 10 billion dollars to 16 billion dollars yearly. For reading more stats about yoga popularity you can visit The Good Body.

By seeing this much positive numbers your doubts have been clear (if you have). Now let’s dive in and understand how yoga changes your life.

Six Benefits of Practicing Yoga;

·   Yoga improves flexibility: Two words have widely listened together yoga and stretching, most of people’s think that these words go hand in hands, yes they do.
Yoga has a deep connection with stretching because yoga can’t get complete without stretching.
yoga poses for flexibility

Yogic Stretching provides you mobility. Yoga is the practice which helps to improve the human flexibility to another level by keeping body limitation in a record and increasing limitation gradually.

Daily practicing different yoga poses helps you stretch out muscles which might ordinarily go unused and works for the overall body not for specific part of body unlike other exercise is done in the gym.

 Every stretching pose in yoga is specifically targeting any group of muscle like upward facing dog help tone muscles in the upper and lower body.

  • Yoga Effects on Brain: There are positive effects of practicing yoga on mental functions. According to the top University of Illinois 20 minute of Hatha yoga helps to improve memory by providing proper blood supply towards the brain and helps to decrease brain fog and enhance human concentration.

 Practicing yoga daily for few minutes minimum 15 to 20-minute decrease fatigue and anxiety problem which will help you to retain more focus towards your work and mind will get less wander.

  • Yoga Cure Diabetes:  Practicing yoga does more than just relaxing your mind.
Many study and researches shows that yoga decreases diabetes by practicing any of these 11 poses and some yogic poses help to relax some major area of the abdomen and these areas are directly responsible for Diabetes.

This alternation between abdominal contractions and release stimulates the pancreas while increasing blood and oxygen supply. As a result, the pancreatic cells, buffeted by nutrients and fresh blood flow, undergo a rejuvenation that improves the organ’s ability to produce insulin which helps to keep diabetes under control.

Below you will see a video in which instructor telling about poses to practice to get rid of Diabetes. Must see;

  • Yoga will improve balance Disorder:  People often ignore balance disorder but they don’t know how important mobility is in life. This problem can occur due to weight increase, age increase and many reasons but the point is that when we lose our balance we start losing our mobility and face many issues simple work become difficult because of not performing well.

Joint does not stay as flexible as before, in this type of situation yoga will make you aware of your sense of balance in a deeper way. Your neurological system will gradually improve and these improvements will make you understand your body movement in a better way.

  • Helps to Lose Weight without Diet: Yoga and Meditation are two natural and safest practices to lose weight without getting any plan for diet or starving for hours a day and exercises will able to lose weight in a slow pace but in a safe way.

Practicing Yoga will work on building a muscle through your body weight. As process will increase you will start getting losing weight.

As I told you above that process is slow so do take pictures of before and after so you can see even small change with the help of your pictures. Knowing and remembering your previous condition usually become difficult by clicking the picture you will notice how toned your body become. Forgetting little fast result practice Hot Yoga.

·        Mental Benefits of Yoga: Your mental condition will become more mindful and you will start understanding things in depth without getting in a panic. Practicing daily yoga will give you the ability to cope with difficult situations and mental stress easily without sticking to one point.
The body will get signals from the mind of being healthy fresh and feeling of gratitude for having a body that can work actively.
·         Practicing daily will help to get Relief from Anxiety:  A study conducted in 2010 by the University of Boston provide a result that practicing yoga for 12 weeks helps to increases gamma-aminobutyric (GABA)  levels in the brain and increase in GABA helps to reduce anxiety.

Which is Best Yoga or Meditation?

Both Meditation and yoga are among the best natural practices for improving brain capability to perform. But, both practices have their specialty to cure different brain issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, lack of concentration and many more.

Meditation is a practice in which practitioner use to sit down and practice in a peaceful environment after that focusing on a single specific meditative object e.g. any meditating mantra or breathing rhythm with emphasis on returning to beneficial (versus negative) thoughts.

 In yoga practice, some steps are similar to meditation but many are different as well. While performing yoga you also need a peaceful place but difference come on the next step is that instead of focusing on one particular object practitioner need to hold his/her breathe and movement while transitioning from one pose to the next.

Yoga mindfulness provides solid focus and awareness to the present moment, rather than clearing mind from popping different thoughts. Yoga helps to teach practitioner to disengage from stressful and critical thinking by cultivating mind to focus on the ongoing task rather than getting wander from different thoughts.

The advantage you get in yoga meditation is that it works for body and mind both but meditation practice mostly has a focus on controlling thoughts and getting mindfulness.

If you are interested to know about 4 most practice meditation introduced by monks.
How often should you do Yoga?

yoga timingOne of the most asking questions about before getting in yoga is “ How often I should practice yoga? ” answer to the question totally depend upon the result, you want to see in your self and budget as well because finding the right yoga teachers or buying online courses need a budget you want to spend.

Most of the people attract towards yoga to seek peace in their life and to live a life as a better positive person. You can practice yoga daily or once a week in both ways you will be able to receive benefits but practicing daily helps little fast and get you to recover fast through Anxiety and stress and helps to sleep better.

Daily yoga also has the advantage of making you more flexible, more you do stretching practice more flexible your body becomes simple formula. This is one of the main reason that most of competitive athletes practice it to get more strength and flexibility and yoga also helps to prevent athletes from injury.

So once again I am recapping answer, More you practice more benefits you get and it is not difficult to take out a minimum 20 minutes for better day and future but do get a consult from experience teacher or Online yoga courses to get proper results.

In this article, I tried to cover the main question that “How Yoga Changes Your Body?” and some other important question related to health improvement through practicing yoga on a daily and weekly basis.

Practicing yoga will provide you a new vision to see your life in a better way with more opportunities and this practice works to restructure our brain and overall personality in a positive way, you will learn to cope with problems instead of running or praying to not get in any trouble.

You will start seeing difficulties as an opportunity to learn a new lesson from life and you will gradually start staying positive in problems and find ways to solve them.

I will say you that stop researching how much yoga will benefit you start practicing it and me gurranty you that you will see a result within a week and significant change in a month or two in your overall personality.

4 Best Meditation courses for beginner review

Meditation is a Natural constructive practice for improving human brain power to another level but a requirement to achieve benefits from this practice is that you need to learn it from some Professional teachers or by choosing some good meditation courses online.

You have the option to learn various types of meditation through courses or by reading some free famous articles like “Meditation effects on the brain” to know basic meditation techniques and functionality.

In this article, I will discuss four courses which are best in my opinion for beginners to start their meditation journey and some key benefits of them.

I will give you my honest opinion on courses and you have to decide whether to get them or not.

Let’s Begin;

1.     Insight Meditation: Step by step course

 Author Brief Intro:   The book is written by two authors name Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein.

Let’s first look at Sharon background. He is meditating since 1971 and providing her services worldwide since 1974, he had an experienced over 25 years in meditating and in teaches intensive awareness practice (vipassana or insight meditation). she is also a co-founder of insight meditation society.

Joseph Goldstein starts studying and practicing different types of meditation since 1967 and started leading insight and loving-kindness meditation since 1974. He is also a co-founder of insight meditation society.

What you will get in a course; In this course, you will get to know everything from a beginner point of view to advance level.

Courses also contain topic related to Buddhist teaching with six tracks divided into two CD’s with a duration of  20 minutes and tracks will provide several meditation practices in it.

The track in CD is design to guide you and bring back your focus to focal point when mind get to wander and the book is designed to provide you information of meditation you’re practicing in track.

In last it’s a pack of two CDs with six tracks and an informational book.

2.     How to Meditate? for Peoples Who Hate to Sit Still

Author Brief Intro: Book is written by Ntathu Allen. she worked for woman’s to make their busy life simple and free from anxiety and negativity.

 She also offered simple yoga exercises and breathing meditation technique to make it easy for the practitioner to practice either at home or at the office.

Ntathu starts learning meditation after facing tragedy. The death of his cousin in 1995 and then the death of her brother in 1997 after losing two important family members she was unable to cope with depression and negativity.

During this period Ntathu found meditation and yoga cure for her situation. SO, following her heart in 2003, she decided to travel to India to get training as a Sivananda yoga teacher.

Upon return to her home in London, Ntathu sees a new positive spark in her life and after that, she decided to give resign from her current job.

And spend her life teaching meditation to women like her facing problem in tackling and help them to cope negative situation and train them to use meditation as a tool to spend life in a positive and happy way.

What you will get in a Book; The Book is written in a pattern so people can get meditation full benefits with proper understanding and this book will also help those who tried to meditate before but couldn’t succeed and those  as well who want to learn to upgrade their meditation skills 

In this book you will get to know;

·         How to stop mind wandering during meditation.
·         How to sit and focus on the focal point of your concentration to achieve benefits.
·         Correct posture for meditation.
·         Ways to make meditation interesting instead of thinking it boring practice.
·         How to get your previous teenager time energy and joy in life back.
·         Book will teach you to stay productive during a hard time and ways to handle negativity in any shape.
·         How to stay happy at the moments when things are not in your favor.
·         Meditation tips to train the mind to think beyond other thinking.

Above written benefits, you can expect from this book and many more like breathing awareness meditation guideline with steps and book come with a free guide to give you an easy and proper understanding of steps which may become difficult during the start of meditating journey.

In the book author has also given her example of getting benefits from meditation and cover different scenarios for meditation including walking, eating, knitting and being in nature.

       Author Brief Intro: Book is written by American writer Joseph Goldstein. He leads to different types of meditation worldwide since 1974. In two type of meditation, he is expert in insight and love kindness meditation.

Joseph is a co-founder of the barre center for Buddhist studies and insight meditation society. He has studied and practice different types of meditation practices under a professional teacher in India, Tibet, and Burma.

The mission of Joseph is to bring positivity in the world by giving people awareness about this natural practice to enhance their mental powers for achieving their goals. 

What you will get in a Book; In this book, you will get information and guidance to enrich your ability to recognize your inner skillful and unskillful state of mind and thoughts. This book is written in a pattern to make a person reach his full mindfulness for the present moment.

You will get answer of almost every question which usually comes in beginner mind like what should be your sitting posture before starting to meditate, what are the techniques you can use to avoid mind wandering, what will be the best time for starting your meditating journey and how can you gradually increase time of your practice without getting bore and achieve full benefits.

The book is a great source for thought-provoking and Goldstein took help of different resources to explain his concept in a good way and also use his sutta talks to give a clear understanding.

4. A Professional Training Course for Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice; 

Author Brief Intro: Book is written by Tara brach an American psychologist and proponent of Buddhist meditation. Tara is practicing and teaching meditation since 1975.

She is a founder and teacher of  Insight Meditation in Washington D.C.

Tara wrote a book for healing trauma and was published with the name of Radical Acceptance: Embracing your life with the heart of a Buddha and she wrote many other books to help humans to find peace inside them and become a better person.

What you get in a Course: The main purpose of this course is to help the practitioner to uncover the hidden benefits of meditation and train them to deal with a gamut of different emotions in their daily life.

  Tara explains the process to face emotions and problems without getting panic. The process she uses is called R.A.I.N technique, a four-part process which will help you to investigate and unblock problems which are causing you to achieve mental peace.

In the process, she tells about meditation to achieve mindfulness and also give examples of modern therapeutic to resolve emotions issue.

Transcendental Meditation Books for Beginners to advance

Transcendental meditation practice is one of the popular meditation among those who have an interest in seeking mental peace.

 There are many books which are claiming to be a quick guide to transcendental meditation, these so-called guides you can get in the offline market or with the name of online transcendental meditation course or best books on transcendental meditation but most of these books and courses are worthless to get and invest your time and money in it.

I am saying this because I have experienced this thing and lose a lot of money in my madness to find the best tm meditation book and get to understand quickly but I was totally wrong which I realized after losing my money by buying uncomplete guides and in some books writer could not able explain it in proper steps which makes me more frustrated about these all so-called beginner transcendental meditation guide.

So, if you want to save your money and precious time so do get a book of an author who has spent years in learning TM practice because they get expert in their meditation practice and get enough information to explain others in easy words.

In this article, I will discuss some of the skilled authors who actually spend their life long period in rehearsing TM meditation and observe its benefits deeply.

List of Transcendental Meditation Books;

1. Science of Being and Art of Living by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh yogi transcendental meditation bookAuthor Short Biography:

Mahesh Yogi is a finder of Transcendental meditation practice and Indian native. After introducing TM Mahesh also lead this practice worldwide and start getting recognized as a guru and a leader for his invention.

Mahesh starts spreading TM worldwide so more people can get benefit from his finding and can utilize meditating power to change their action for there betterment and world.

For spreading his meditation, Mahesh trained more than 40,000 teachers and taught Transcendental to more than five million people, open thousands of teaching centers and hundreds of colleges.

Guru Mahesh travels worldwide teaching his meditation technique and after getting positive result Mahesh students suggest him to write a book so his tips for transcendental meditation can get saved in a form of papers and in Mahesh own words.

In 1963 Mahesh completed his first book Science of Being and Art of Living this book got a huge positive response from readers and more than g 1.1 million copies get sold in the US alone.

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About Book Topics:

This book provides a true understanding of Transcendental meditation either you’re a beginner or doing it for a long time this book can be utilized as a guide with some of the great insights of meditation.

The book contains many topics but some of the main practice you can expect to learn from the book is what we’re doing in meditation, the book not only instructs you to follow the rules but also explain what actually that particular step is there in practice and how that step works for the betterment of practitioner life. The author has given the introduction and explained mantras use for transcendental meditation.
Maharishi outlines his philosophy for living a productive and fulfilling life based on the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique in the book and it will be a great source of information for those who are finding the best book on meditation want to understand the fundamental nature of the TM practice and how it can benefit them.

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2. Transcendence by Norman E Rosenthal MD.

TM book for beginners
 Author Short Biography:

Norman E. Rosenthal, MD, is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School and has maintained a private practice in Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for more than thirty years. He conducted research at the National Institute of Mental Health, as a research fellow and provide his services as a senior researcher for more than twenty years.

In the 1980s he was first one to described winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and was first one to apply light therapy for his treatment.

He studied mood, sleep, and biological rhythm for 20 years as a private practitioner at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

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About Book Topics:

In This Book Healing and Transformation Through Transcendental Meditation you will know the basic idea behind the transcendental meditation and how it can be utilized for getting more positive changes in life and book is also a great informational source for those who already know about meditation but are confused to apply that knowledge or are unable to get results.

The author has explained greatly how much time you required for transcendental meditation for observing proper changes in mental condition and what mantras you should use, or nonverbal sound, to attain a profound state of aware relaxation.

Book provides you answer with the help of scientific studies and case studies conducted previously. The author also writes about the benefits which practitioner get through practicing this meditation.

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3. The journey of Enlightenment by Ann Purcell:

Author Short Biography:

Enlightenment journey through meditation  
Anna Purcell is teaching Transcendental meditation since 1973. She has worked on curricula and course development for university and continuing education programs.

Anna has completed his education in B.SCI (Bachelor of the science of creative intelligence) and an MBA degree from Maharishi European Research University, Seelisberg, Switzerland.

She also an author of Tender flower of Heaven, a collection of 120 poems and also writes for the Huffington Post.

About Book Topics:

In this book The Journey of Enlightenment, you will know the new way to see and understand your life with positive eyes. Anna explains Transcendental meditation by giving simple explanations and by providing other famous practitioners life experiences in this book so the reader can get to learn Transcendental meditation In a better way.

You will get to know how you can deal with daily life difficulties with a positive mind and control over your negative thoughts.

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learning Any type of meditation is a wise decision in this difficult era and full of struggles and tensions, many people do not focus on their mental conditions which is one of the alarming warning to them that they can get in serious mental complications in future if they don't take any steps to make it better.

In my personal opinion and also proven by various researches that meditating can help humans to cure the worst mental and body condition but may due to lack of awareness regarding meditation or lack of interest peoples usually don't give proper attention towards this great natural practice.

One of the best Quote:

"Meditation is not to escape from society but to come back to ourselves and see what is going on. Once there is seeing, there must be acting. With mindfulness, we know what to do and what not to do to help.”